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What is a future bet? A future bet or prop bet is a bet that can be on almost any obscure topic. Propositional betting can be on anything from who wins the Academy Award, to whos genitalia will be splashed across the web next.

We here at want to here from you about what types of future bets or prop bets you would like to bet on. Email the staff at furture bets and tell us what prop bets you are interested in.

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First female celebrity to get engaged

Lindsay Lohan Betting and Entertainment Prop Betting

Lindsey Lohen Titty Nude Boob

Britney Spears 4/1

Paris Hilton 4/1

Jessica Simpson 10/1

Lindsay Lohan 7/1

Cameron Diaz 16/1

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Carbon Fiber Blades

  Gender of Winner-American Idol 2009

american idol 2009We get to see a bunch of idiots getting cut up by Simon Fuller yet again. I do not watch that terrible show, but if the odds are right, I will bet on it.....more

The Next Pope Prop Betting

Next PopeThere are many in line to be the next Pope. I was quite amazed at all the idiots in line for this position. You decide and choose your fav....more


  Super Bowl XLIII--Who Will Win

betting oddsCan youbelieve the Super Bowl XLIII is approaching already! I prefer to place my bets early as I find the odds change quite a bit the closer it gets to the Superbowl. There are some crazy odds in the list. I am a football betting pro and I WILL make nice coin off this years event. Check out the superbowl odds below and click the link to place your prop bets at the actual sportsbook....more

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